7 Popular Wedding Dress Fabrics


Light as a feather and delicate, this sheer fabric is made from a simple weave and is usually used as a cover or veil. Ideal for the sunny months of spring and summer, batiste perfectly embodies the charm of a sophisticated garden celebration.


Available in silk or synthetic varieties, brocade is characterized by jacquard weaving that creates raised designs in the fabric. Because it is less rigid than satin, brocade is suitable for structured dresses intended for formal fall or winter weddings.


Opulent and delicate, Charmeuse impresses with a glossy exterior and a matte interior finish, true to its name. Made primarily from silk, although there are synthetic alternatives, their supple drape lends itself to bias-cut flowing styles. This ultra-light material is versatile, although it is often preferred for sensual spring or summer looks.


A lightweight option, chiffon is often used as an overlay, in layers or as an accent detail due to its sheer quality. Woven from silk or rayon, the matte fabric captures the ethereal essence perfect for boho brides. Its airy structure makes it ideal for spring and summer weddings, while its weightless appearance suits sheer silhouettes and goddess styles. However, it should be noted that this delicate fabric is prone to snagging and fraying.


Made from soft silk or lightweight rayon, Crepe presents a structured, ribbed texture with a cross-ribbed effect. Suitable for modern or minimalist designs, this fabric offers a structured look that can be worn all year round.


Similar to brocade in its raised designs, damask offers a lighter option. Its matte jacquard pattern matches the base color, making it suitable for structured styles with well-defined silhouettes. An excellent choice for year-round wear, damask leans towards formal and elegant wedding styles.

Dotted Swiss

Lightweight and breathable, the polka dot Swiss is made from muslin and features evenly spaced dotted motifs. Perfect for spring or summer outdoor weddings, it's especially adorable for sweet, ladylike celebrations like garden party receptions.


Textured and raw, Dupion is made of coarse fibers and exudes a rustic and organic charm. As one of the fuller-looking silks, it holds its shape well, making it an ideal choice for dramatic silhouettes such as ball gowns.


Woven from silk, cotton or rayon, Faille presents a structured, ribbed texture with a cross-ribbed effect. Suitable for modern or minimalist designs, this fabric offers a structured look that can be worn all year round.


Made from wool or silk, Gazar impresses with a smooth and crisp appearance reminiscent of organza. Silk gazar is primarily used in bridal wear and became famous for Kate Middleton's wedding dress. The stiff but translucent material holds its shape well, making it ideal for structured, romantic designs and full skirted prom dresses that are appropriate for any season.


Lightweight and sheer, georgette is spun from polyester or silk and has a crepe finish. While it falls elegantly, it is particularly suitable for flowing silhouettes. This material is best worn in the warmer seasons.

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Lace is undoubtedly the most sought-after fabric for wedding dresses. It offers an incredible variety of patterns, textures, weights and embellishments. Lace transcends cultural boundaries and exudes delicacy, femininity and romance that suits all body shapes.

Woven from silk or cotton, lace comes in a variety of styles, including French laces such as Chantilly (intricate and open), Alençon (bold motifs with laced detailing), and Venise (heavier and more structured). Their adaptability guarantees year-round use, although heavier weaves like Italian Venise are better suited to cooler seasons.


Mikado, a heavier form of silk with a glossy finish, has gained enormous popularity. Their thickness makes them suitable for bespoke, architectural designs. notes that Mikado can be seamlessly shaped and multi-hemmed, allowing "sexy, slim mermaid and strapless ball gowns" to fit perfectly. Although it can be worn year-round, its thickness might make it more comfortable in cooler temperatures.


Typically made from polyester or heavy silk taffeta, moire creates a shimmering water illusion when exposed to light.

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