Steamers are gentler than irons, making them ideal for delicate fabrics such as lace, silk, tulle and organza, often used for wedding dresses, and reduce the risk of burning, scorching or causing shine marks.
The Steamer Station is highly recommended due to its strong capacity that makes removing wrinkles effortless. However, for a destination wedding, a small handheld steamer is ideal as it can be easily packed into luggage.

Hand steamer (e.g.)


Handwash & Soap

Professional cleaning is always highly recommended. If you choose to wash the dress yourself, hang it up to keep its shape. Wet the dress and use a mild soap to remove dust and stains. Let it sit for 15 minutes before washing again (several times). Let it air dry.

Gall soap (eg)


Store in Bag

Store your dress in the garment bag and make sure that the zipper does not touch the dress to avoid damaging it.
When wearing satin and silk dresses, be careful with your fingernails, as they can easily scratch the fabric if not well cared for.

Garment bags (eg)

Quick help

Tips for the day

1. Express stain remover pen: Remove stains quickly and without washing
2. Safety pins (also useful for quickly closing the buttons)
3. Fashion Tape: keeps the details in the right position