Getting married in summer: tips for the perfect wedding

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Summer is a wonderful time to tie the knot. The warm temperatures, bright sunshine and a variety of flowers in full bloom provide the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. In this blog post we will give you some tips and suggestions on how you can make your summer wedding unforgettable - from the choice of wedding clothing to the menu and decoration.

For a summer wedding, light fabrics and airy cuts are particularly important in wedding clothing. Both the wedding dress and the groom's suit should be made of breathable materials to ensure comfortable wearing. When choosing a wedding dress, look for thin, flowing fabrics such as chiffon or silk, which look both elegant and have a cooling effect. Suits made of linen or light cotton in light colors are recommended for the groom.

Planning a summer menu for your wedding reception is a great way to highlight the season. Fresh, seasonal ingredients and light dishes are particularly popular in warm weather. Refreshing starters such as gazpacho or salads with summer vegetables and fruit are ideal choices. The main course is grilled meat, fish or vegetables, accompanied by a selection of side dishes such as couscous salad or oven-baked vegetables. For dessert, fruity desserts such as sorbet or berry tiramisu are perfect.

The choice of drinks should also be tailored to the summer theme. Serve refreshing cocktails, lemonades and iced teas, as well as non-alcoholic alternatives for those who prefer to go without. Also, provide plenty of water to keep your guests well hydrated in warm temperatures.

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Your summer wedding decorations should reflect the colors and feel of the season. Use bright colors such as yellow, orange or lilac as well as floral elements to create a summery atmosphere. A special trend is autumn decorations, which can be wonderfully integrated into the overall picture. For example, combine rustic wooden elements with flowers in warm tones such as orange, red and gold.

Choosing the right location is also crucial for a successful summer wedding. Make sure that there are enough shady places and that there is an alternative option indoors if necessary. A good option are, for example, garden locations or wineries that offer both idyllic outdoor areas and protected indoor spaces.

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Finally, we would like to give you one last tip: Don't forget to provide sun protection for yourself and your guests. Provide sunscreen and possibly umbrellas or hats to avoid unpleasant sunburns and ensure everyone has an enjoyable celebration.

A summer wedding offers countless opportunities to add a personal touch to your celebration. With the right preparations and consistent planning, nothing will stand in the way of your big day under the sun!

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